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Product Categories
Sporting pvc flooring for basketball tennis table tennis court gym indoor in roll with anti-water anti-mildew
PVC Sport Flooring
2) Thickness:2 to 8 mm
2) Width:1.42m,1.5m,1.8m,2m
3) Length:15, 18m, 20m ect.
spiral spring of table tennis net,clockwork spring for steel tape measure ruler,electric fans spring
1, over 10 years OEM experience
2, can pass Salt Spray Test
3, 3,000,000 pcs capacity/month
4, No MOQ Limit
5, Free sample
pingpong racket,table tennis bat,plastic toys
pingpong racket,table tennis bat,plastic toys
1.pingpong racket set toys
2.plastic sport toys
pingpong ball set
use: outdoor
Simplified Maintenance PVC Table Tennis Court Flooring/PVC Sports Flooring
1. Comfort.
2. No Vibration-Reduced Area Deflection.
3. Shock Absorption.
4. Perfection.
5. Simplified Maintenance.
led table tennis scoreboard
led table tennis scoreboard
1,16 single colors
3,Recharger battery

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